Site Policy

Site Policy

Questions or Comments about This Website

If you have any questions or comments about this Website please contact us.

Exemption of Liability from Information Posted on Third Party Websites

The third party websites linked from the Website are managed and operated under the responsibility of their respective corporations or individuals. They are not under the control of ISE. ISE accepts no liability for any losses you may incur by using one of the third party websites.


ISE owns the copyrights to all documents, images, video, audio, programs, and other materials provided on the Website, and these copyrights are protected by the copyright laws, various treaties, and other laws of each country.

With the exception of non-commercial or personal use, any use or action including using, copying or downloading is prohibited without the prior written consent of ISE.
But you may use, copy, and download, limited to personal, non-commercial use, under the condition of attaching the ISE copyright information.

However, upon alteration of the material, users may not publish, publicly transmit, or screen the material.

Also, when individual documentation, pictures, movies, music, sounds or programs have individually set conditions of use, these conditions of use take priority.

Linking to the Website

In principle this website may be freely linked to, however please note that we do not allow links from the following types of sites. ISE reserves the right to judge if the website in question falls into the following categories.

  • Sites offensive to public order or morals
  • Sites that could damage the credibility or trust of ISE
  • Sites that could slander or defame specific individuals or groups
  • Sites that charge users for access to the Website through linking
  • Such other sites as ISE may find to be inappropriate

Even if you are given permission to link to the Website, ISE may cancel that permission if it deems that the link is inappropriate, due to any subsequent circumstances.